Have you ever been deliberately lied to by someone you deeply trusted—one in whom you had great respect and hope? One who made you promises you began to rearrange your life and thinking around them coming true?  What would you do if you discovered or was presented with hardcore evidence that everything you believed in about your faith, your spouse, your child, or employer was an elaborate lie?  How would you feel?  Some call the feeling being defrauded, played, had, made a fool of, exploited, or used.  What is the best response when faced with truth(s) that others have tried to hide from you? Okay, have you imagined that feeling? Feeling it?

Now transfer this feeling of betrayal to the current political landscape. What would you do if you found out your political ideology, handed to you by your parents even, is based upon a gross and elaborate mis-characterization of facts and in some instances bold lies?

Elaborate as in powerful politicians and their media maids exploiting legitimate issues  involving race, gender, sexual orientation, health, poverty, and the environment, by manufacturing faulty straw man issues—hence arguments (around these hot topics) so as to evoke an emotional response instead of a sound decision based on a careful and FAIR investigation of history and current facts.


It’s called manipulation of public opinion.  Psychologists call it a form of socio-psychological manipulation, a kind of mind control one can find going on in the occult, certain mega-churches, and by stage magicians in Vegas all day.  Of course this is a bit more benign although the consequences of being a victim of it can be equally harmful.

Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Kalea Chapman, cites a Washington Post article on social psychology and how something as broad as public opinion manipulation can occur.  She says,

“The Washington Times runs a piece today on social psychology and the ways memory can be manipulated. The story has an interesting spin: How public opinion can be manipulated. Chief findings include that people tend to remember denials, myth busting, and statements identified as false at a high rate…The brain hears the same assertion repeatedly, and then treats it as if it comes from multiple sources. In this way, politicians are able to drum up popular opinion.”

To fact check Dr. Chapman, I found the following Washington Post article (September 4, 2007), entitled Persistence of Myths Could Alter Public Policy Approach that seems to be the article she was referring to—part of it says:

The conventional response to myths and urban legends is to counter bad information with accurate information. But the new psychological studies show that denials and clarifications, for all their intuitive appeal, can paradoxically contribute to the resiliency of popular myths.


In other words, the normal strategy is to counter a lie with the truth.  And usually with this strategy, hearing the truth once would dismiss the lie completely.  That is to fair minded, critical thinking, caring people without an agenda.  But if the lie has a head start and is told long enough and loud enough—human nature conditions us to believe the lie—if for no other reason than it being the dominant information.  Now transfer this reality to the current political landscape.

If you are a powerful entity or person with access to mass media—you can get your lie or misinformation out more quickly than any smaller person or organization that may in fact hold particular truth and a solution that could set millions free.  The powerful know this and they take full advantage of it.  They are counting on our ignorance or busy lifestyles to keep us uninformed.  Uninformed people do NOT ask tough questions—they become sheep and do as they are told, for the media is most effective on those who have NOT formed a stable political opinion whether on a candidate or the issues or morals for that matter.


I’m an African American female.  The first year I voted was 1996.  I voted for Bill Clinton.  You know why? I don’t either–really.  Well, I have a good guess.  I’m black and I grew up being told the Democratic Party was for black people, poor people, working class people.  So instinctively I voted Democratic based on that 2nd hand information—no questions asked.  I knew nothing about the candidates or the issues.  In addition,  I was persuaded by a combination of civil rights guilt (vote because slaves died for your right) and seeing Bill Clinton on Arsenio Hall, in 1992—playing saxophone, looking down to earth, and relevant to my generation.  Time revealed  I had been socio-pychologically manipulated. To quote Kayne West, I was CULTivated.

Then I became a more devoted Christian.  And of course, in certain sects of this “group” I was indirectly INDOCTRINATED to believe the Republican Party was synonymous with my moral values.  So again, without being informed and on second hand information–moving with the crowd around me, I voted for Bush with the crowd.  I was again CULTivated not once but twice.

It was not until the 2008 election that I began to understand the weight of this responsibility.  I began to feel guilty and stupid for voting so blindly in the past. I resolved to NEVER BE so ignorant again.

So I began to PAY ATTENTION.  I began to fact check and seek out news from other sources outside the mainstream media outlets.  If you haven’t noticed,  CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, MTV, BET, NPR, most CABLE networks , & black radio are all biased toward liberal/progressive/democratic ideas.   And FOX news and most talk radio is biased toward republican/conservative ideas.  Not that all what these outlets report is untrustworthy, it’s just that I saw that I NEEDED MORE PEOPLE–saying the same thing to verify.

I’d go to those sources PLUS others like CSPAN (to watch the politicians debate the issues real time on the house floor BEFORE it got spun at the nightly news desk). I read political  journals and blogs and non-partisan watch dog sites.  It was not until I began to look at several sources reporting the same events that I begin to see how “unfair” the biases.


Long story short, I made an informed decision in 2008.  I’m admitting I made some huge mistakes in voting because I was an educated fool which made me ripe to be manipulated and CULTivated.  I BEG YOU TO BE DIFFERENT.

Although, I’m not prepared to renounce my suspicion that Republicans and Democrats are the same baby sipping from the same sip-pie cup and until my fact checking confirms the political conspiracy theories I sometimes entertain are valid, I , with a mustard seed of faith in the system, urge you to go vote tomorrow.  And because I believe you trust me, I’d like to go a step further and ask you to look into what I’ve suggested here and consider voting for any candidate except a Democratic one–especially if you are black and/or have a desire or potential to earn six-seven figures in your life time.

Here is why.  Consider that Democrats promised clearly they would do politics DIFFERENTLY than the Bush Administration and THEY HAVE NOT.  If the Bush Administration was a joke then this Administration is a situation comedy.

1.      They have not been transparent as they promised (Nancy Pelosi said we’d find out what’s in the healthcare bill and other reforms once we jam, I mean pass them through)The way they did the deals was shady. They clearly had the majority and did NOT need any republican support to pass anything.  They used their majority to jam through bills without transparent debate.  So to blame the problems, now, on republicans is pure disingenuous and irresponsible.  It insults the public’s intelligence.

2.      They said them passing health care and doing all the bailouts would correct the problems  “Bush created.”  Well their agenda is on track to make them worse. Yet they persist to blame Bush who is two years out now.  It is plain ole WACK to blame this much as a leader.  Just fix it!  It’s becoming painful to watch the constant scapegoating to save face.

3.      And where are the jobs? Unemployment has not gone down.


I am infuriated at the exploitation of people groups (blacks, gays, undocumented latinos, women) and how this administration has ignored the voices and will of the people who have been trying to say, “yes we agree we need health care reform, yes we, agree, we need finance reform, yes we agree, we need immigration and environmental reforms—BUT NOT THE WAY YOU AND YOUR CREW ARE DOING IT!!!  Go back to the drawing board.”

I’m infuriated over how the narrative is all of  a sudden changing to “cover” for the incompetence of this Administration.  “Oh, he needs more time–Rome not built in a day. Or he inherited such a mess from Bush.  Or Republicans are giving him a hard time.  Or the Tea Party is creating racists divisions, etc.” Sound like excuses to me.  We are talking about the most powerful man in the world–a Harvard Graduate.  Where is his A game?    Instead we get he and his team using PR and reverse psychology on those in the public who are starting to raise their brow and give the side eye.   They accuse their opponents of holding up progress when, in reality, he and his party have the majority.  They never needed one Republican vote to pass one of those bills.  And they proved that by jamming their agenda through without their or THE PEOPLE’S support.

He said he wanted to unite the country and work across party lines but he could not have meant that–because humble leaders have sense enough to STOP in their tracks to seriously consider opposing views, especially when over half the country says it doesn’t like your agenda.

Democrats know the demographic data–their voter profiles.  Therefore, they know most people who vote for them are not paying attention.  They also know all they need to do is throw out buzz words to evoke emotion and they got their votes.  They know that Obama can tell  people the sky is purple and people will believe it, especially black people, because we have so romanticized this man’s presidency–because he is black.   The irony is his presidency was to represent the country moving beyond race–but it seems to have fixated us upon it–especially black people.   Equally disappointing is anyone with the audacity to vigorously challenge or question the questionable line items of the Democratic agenda.  Such are discredited and vilified as racists, radical, or something other than legitimately concerned.  When you think about it, it is an insult to our intelligence.


As to the excuses about the persistent unemployment stats, again, this is a Harvard graduate.  Surely he took Accounting and Economics 101 and beyond.  Expecting unemployment to be in some palatable state of recovery within a 20-24 month time span is not unreasonable.  Current documents show major corporations come out of bankruptcy to solvency in equal or less time. He campaigned boldly he had the solution.   Now he must be held accountable.    He said he was a DIFFERENT politician but his action prove he is not.  He and his team played upon the emotions of those who voted for him like a piano. He was the pied piper.  And it’s painful to watch his followers try to save face.


The Democratic party has exploited and on some level betrayed black people for decades.   Democrats, currently with President Obama, appear to know they have to exert minimal to little effort to secure the black vote. All the President has to do is give us a feel good speech with some soul and homeboy slang, run a few ads on black radio and TV, then send out his entertainer allies to clinch the young voters and it’s in the bag.  Democrats show up in our Churches and schools around election time selling wolf tickets and making promises to keep giving, we, black people fish instead of letting us LEARN HOW TO FISH OR OWN OUR OWN POND.

Look how many years they’ve had our vote–without resistance–then look at the condition of the schools in our communities? Research to see if there was any surge of improvement when they’ve held power? Still a hot mess and low quality.  The progressive political machines via certain media, certain institutions of higher education, and progressive black rheoreticians have so brainwashed black people to think we are needy people.   It is God’s job to help us overcome our weaknesses and failures as individuals and as a community.  It is government’s job to  act as referee in a free society not throw the game.  This machine has persuaded blacks that we need new “black leaders” to finish the civil rights work and help us achieve.      Black people should be insulted at this subtle suggestion of perpetual weakness and undermining of our God-given abilities.


As you rethink the political positions you’ve held and why you’ve held them, ask yourself,

  • “Are my arguments my own convictions or are they other people’s answers?”
  • “Have I been brainwashed, propagandized, or socio-psychologically manipulated?”
  • “Is what I believe a product of some group I have image-identity allegiance to like my Alma Mata, my fraternity/sorority, my religious affiliation, my career, entertainment/media personalities, or race based civic groups like NAACP, ACLU, ACLJ, MoveOn.Org, Drudge, Huffington, etc?”
  • “Does my conversation, actions, and emotional reaction expose me as racially prejudiced?”
  • “Do I envy wealthy people verses seeing myself as capable of becoming as wealthy if I really wanted to?”
  • “What has honestly influenced my voting in the past–being well read of the issues or one of the above forces?”

So what is the best response when you find out you’ve been exploited or lied to?

WAKE UP!  Don’t try to save anymore face.  Humbly concede and accept that, yes, you too can be fooled.  Then show those who took advantage of your ignorance that you really are NOT stupid and will no longer be CULTivated and taken for granted.  At the very least, make Democrats work for you vote.  At best, pick up your tortue and RUNAWAY from the Democrats on November 2nd.   Vote any way just NOT Democrat, if you are black!

And this announcement was paid for by NO ONE.